Attitude – Sport Lenses

Parrelli Optical® can now offer you the wrap around protection and style of modern sunwear in your prescription. Using “As Worn Technology,” the experts at Parrelli Optical® will take a myriad of measurements from you and your new frame. We then translate those numbers into a digitally generated sport wrap lens that will provide you with the clearest, sharpest vision you have ever experienced, not only right straight ahead, but way into the periphery.

The latest in high tech vision are Digital FreeForm lenses that are designed to the your personal parameters. FreeForm lenses incorporate patient-specific information into their design and production to maximize your vision.

We take into consideration your prescription, the way you wear your glasses and how you are going to use your new eyewear. Individualized measurements of you and your frame allow us to deliver more usable and distortion free vision.

This individually designed eyewear delivers clearer vision, providing six times greater resolution than conventional lenses with a far better peripheral field of view. FreeForm digitally generated lenses minimize optical errors to create optimal fields of vision with fewer distortions associated with head movements.

Attitude Brochure

Attitude, wrap sport lenses offer accurate, individualized designs for vision from every angle, in every vision zone and for every prescription. Available at Parrelli Optical® today.