Autograph III Progressive Power Lenses

Parrelli Optical has been specializing in custom fitting progressive power lenses since 1968. We are constantly looking for new designs and improved manufacturing techniques to enhance your vision and your comfort.

Our latest find is Autograph III digital progressive power lenses. The Autograph III design is a revolution in optics. These progressive power lenses are ergonomically created considering your frame choice, your prescription and your occupational and recreational vision demands.

The resultant Digital Lenses are designed through an exact simulation of the human eye. The trained professionals at Parrelli Optical will take a series of “as-worn” measurements to personalize these lenses to your specific needs.

Personalized to your vision. That gives you wider field of view. More natural reading posture. Enhanced smart phone, tablet and e-reader viewing. In short, a vastly improved real world visual experience.

Personalized to your eyes needs. These new lenses provide the clearest vision and widest field of view of any lens in the market. They provide a dramatic improvement in your intermediate zone vision making your computer easier to see. Freeform custom designed lenses offer near fields that are 20% wider. The means you will get better reading vision.

The Freeform design element adapts the progressive lens design to the frame itself. Your peripheral vision is improved, depth perception is enhanced and visual clarity is improved at all working distances.

Better peripheral vision, greater visual acuity, wider near field of view, fewer peripheral distortions and better overall vision. What more could you ask for?

Autograph III Brochure

Experience sharper, clearer, more natural vision at all distances, with Autograph III lenses from Parrelli Optical®