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Lens Design Specialists

Parrelli Optical® was started in 1968. Way back then when a patient had a cataract extracted it left them with an extremely strong prescription. Often, the surgeon would do only one eye, leaving our patient with a strong magnifying lens on that side and a regular prescription on the other side.

Because of the gross difference in the strength of those lenses, more exactly the amount of magnification, binocular vision was virtually impossible. You can imagine the disappointment of that client in having the veil of a cataract lifted off their sight only to be left unable to see with both eyes simultaneously.

That’s when we went to work. We researched and experimented. We worked with different materials, different designs and different indices of refraction. We learned how to restore the sight to these patients.

In the end we succeeded. We learned how to make eyeglass lenses extremely thin and lightweight. We learned how to make eyeglass lenses virtually invisible. We learned how to maximize the vision any patient can get from their best correction. And, for the last forty-plus years, we have been teaching our Opticians how to make your lenses lighter and thinner and virtually invisible. We learned that we have to continue to work with every innovation and improvement that becomes available. We learned we need to offer each of our clients then best possible eyecare.

Parrelli Optical®, eyewear innovation since 1968.