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See and Be Seen More Clearly

Reflection free lenses eliminate annoying reflections from the surface of your lenses allowing you to see and be seen more clearly. Almost ten percent of the light striking the surface of your old eyeglasses bounces around creating a significant impediment to clear comfortable vision. Reflections seen by someone looking at your lenses make the lens visible and mask the observer’s view of your eyes. Reflections that you see can distract, fatigue and annoy you. Harsh office lighting and computer glare cause fatigue and eye strain. Piercing reflections can distract you, slow your reaction time and make nighttime driving more hazardous. Modern manufacturing technologies allow proprietary metallic layers to be added to your new eyeglass lenses increasing the amount of light reaching your eye to 99.4%, allowing more light to pass through your lens increases contrast and improves the sharpness of your vision.

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