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Children Need Special Consideration

Many manufactures simply scale down the size of their adult styles for young people.  A true kid’s frame is specially designed to conform to the fitting characteristics of small and less developed facial features.

Our Opticians will provide the special care your child deserves.

Special Pricing

Children grow at a frightening pace. As they mature right before your eyes their vision is also changing. Understanding this, the friendly, knowledgeable professionals at Parrelli Optical® offer special package pricing on eyewear for children.

Best Warranty in the business

Most of us could never survive the hazards that our children encounter every day. Sometimes eyeglass lenses for children get scratched, or eyeglass frames for children get broken. You can purchase glasses for children with the confidence that Parrelli Optical stands behind every pair with our “You Must Be Totally Satisfied” written guaranty.

 Continuous Care

Eyewear only work well when they are properly adjusted. Simply wearing glasses everyday causes them to loosen requiring re-adjustment to maintain comfort and vision. Eyeglasses for children need regular adjustments protect your child’s precious sight. The Certified Professionals at Parrelli Optical® are skilled at adjusting eyewear for children and there is never a fee for this service.

What you need to know

Bridge: The part of the frame that saddles the top of the nose is called the bridge, it is the apex of the triangle formed with the tops of the ears that supports the frame and keeps the glasses from slipping forward. Young noses are not fully developed. They consist mainly of cartilage and are easily damaged by the weight of eyeglasses.

In eyewear specially designed for children this portion of the frame is sculpted to conform to the flare of a child’s nose. In plastic frames the bridge literally saddles the top and down the sides of the crest of the nose. Metal frames offer infinitely adjustable, individual nose pads attached to the end of guard arms. However these require precise and routine adjustment as all the weight of the eyeglasses rests on those two points.

Temples: The two arms extending from the front of the frame back and over the ears are the temples. As these pieces pass the top of the ear they should be contoured to fit snuggly into the space between the skull and the ear. Proper adjustment assures that the frame will stay in position in front of the eyes, assuring the best possible vision.

Lenses size: The lenses should be sized to maximize the visual and cosmetic impact of the eyewear. Your child’s facial shape, head size and prescription must all be complimented to assure good vision and comfortable wear. We must also consider a child’s active lifestyle and use highly impact resistant materials to protect your children’s vision.

Style: Glasses for children will not be worn if they don’t look good. We offer an extensive selection of frames that will appeal to your child’s personal style that will fit well and provide excellent vision.

Professional design: Our staff of highly trained specialist in children’s eyeglasses will combine all the ingredients to optimize eyeglasses for your child. You can trust your children’s eyeglasses to the design experts at Parrelli Optical®

 Parrelli Optical® experienced Opticians who are uniquely qualified to design eyewear for your child.