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We create your prescription by putting different curves on the front and the back of the lenses we mount in your frame. The front curve is the base from which the back curve is calculated. If you have an astigmatism, there are two curves on the back of your lenses.

Standard lenses

have spherical front curves. The curve is the same across the surface of the lens. The corrected curve designs dictate a specific front curve for a set range of prescriptions we can minimize distortions, optimize your peripheral vision and give you good central vision.

Aspheric lenses

have front curves that change from the center of the lens to the periphery. These high tech designs can be used to improve central vision, expand your peripheral vision and to reduce the thickness of your lenses.

FreeForm Digital lenses

Freeform designs combine many frame and face measurements through an elaborate computer program and then maps the complete design of the patient’s distance, intermediate and near prescription. This design is then digitally transfered onto the back surface of a lens blank. The end result is that a patient’s eyeglasses are ten times more precise as the complete prescription is generated on the back of the lens-and closer to the eye.