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The Newest Innovations (in Vision)

Do your glasses make you look like this?

Every once in a while an innovation so dramatic comes along that it can no longer be described in the terms that its industry normally uses. Traditional bifocals offered distance vision on top and as your eyes drop down to see up close they jumped over a visible line which marks that area of extra magnification needed for reading.  No continuity, just a bullet of distortion that can be a downright dangerous distraction to your vision. No line bifocals, removed that line and replaced it with a distinct channel that aided in your ability to see in the midrange. Seeing your computer monitor or the dashboard of your car became easier. Often there were some distortions off to the side of that corridor that could be quite annoying. In addition, traditional measuring techniques made positioning that channel difficult. Misalignment resulted in still more distortions.

High Definition Vision

Why should your TV look sharper than the world around you?

Is this more your style?”

The answer is: it shouldn’t!

The latest advances in manufacturing allow the Eyecare Professionals at Parrelli Optical® to use computer aided design and fabrication technologies to create digital lenses that offer ten times greater optical clarity than anything we could design before. But, even these high definition lenses won’t help you to see better unless they are property aligned in front of your eyes.

Our Opticians are proficient in the application of Cyber-Eyes technology. This exciting new technology allows us to precisely locate your eyes and their visual axes within the frame you select. This information affords us the ability to compensate for the fact that when your eyes move you peer through different parts of the lens as you look around your world. It helps us to adjust for the curve of your frame as it actually fits on your face. We can now consider the angle formed between the back of your lens and the front of the eye.  Each of these compensations improves the clarity of your distance vision.

These precise measurements allow us to accurately predict the convergence of your eye so that we can place the transition zone properly to afford you the widest possible field of view when looking at your computer , dashboard or at the grocery store. Finally, this improved accuracy allows us to put the full reading field right where you need it for the best possible reading vision.

High Definition vision without the cable (or the rabbit ears)!

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