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Eyewear Mountings

We ascribe many attributes to an eyeglass frame. From the utilitarian; a mounting must support your lenses in the proper position in front of your eyes for you to see properly. To the physical; a frame must stay firmly in palce  to allow uninterrupted comfortable viewing of the world around you. To the cosmetic; eyeglasses must reflect your personal style. At Parrelli Optical® our Opticians are trained to combine all these traits into the perfect eyewear for you. Guaranteed, in writing.

When you want your Doctor’s prescription accurately filled, you go to an experienced professional with many years of experience. At Parrelli Optical® you will find Registered Dispensing Opticians licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and further certified by the American Board of Opticianry. We are experts at using the latest lens technologies to provide you with thinner, lighter eyewear, that will make you look better, see better and feel better

We are eyewear architects committed to designing the perfect eyewear for you. In this process we will discuss a myriad of features and benefits that you will want to consider.

Parrelli Optical® has the professional expertise to design the perfect frame for you.