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Protect your eyes

Eighty-five percent of the information you take in comes through your eyes. Everyday there are countless sight threatening injuries that occur in the industrial environment. But many more occur on sports fields and courts. Still more eye injuries happen in the course of everyday life, while mowing the lawn or doing home repairs. Ninety percent of these accidents can be prevented with protective eyewear.

Eye protection starts with the proper frame. Dress eyewear simply does not provide adequate protection under hazardous conditions. Safety frames are designed for specific activities. Padded sports eyegear mountings capable fending off errant fingers and balls, home safety designs guard against household dangers of repelling flying objects and super strong frames for industrial applications only start the conversation.

Highly impact resistant lens designs with superior scratch resistance are another component to injury prevention. The right Sports Eyegear and Specialty tints can enhance your performance and add an additional layer of protection from the unseen hazard of dangerous wavelengths of light. Your Parrelli Optical® eyecare safety consultant can design eyewear, with a prescription or without, to save your sight.

Losing any vision can be a devastating and painful experience. You change your clothing for your workout or your home maintenance projects, put on the right eye protection at the same time.

Let the professionals at Parrelli Optical® show you how to protect your precious sight.