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Personalized Eyewear

Free-form technology creates eyeglass lenses by using individualized measurements. Personalized FreeForm lenses incorporate extensive patient-specific information and frame-specific dimensions in their design and production. This information is “optimized” with software to design a digital lens that is best suited for the wearer. While traditional lenses are created and calculated on averages, new FreeForm digital lenses are custom made for you based on precise scientific measurements of your eyes and your prescription. These new FreeForm lenses are as unique as your fingerprint, since they are custom made just for you. Your Parrelli Eyecare Professionals are proud to be among the first to provide this amazing new product. Digital lenses provide the clearest vision and widest field of view of any lens on the market while also providing a dramatic improvement in intermediate and near zone visual clarity.

Breakthrough, Digital Eyeglass Technology:

Freeform technology creates an optical map of the cornea, highlighting individual imperfections. It simulates the eye at every angle to replicate natural vision. The lens is designed through an exact simulation of the human eye. Consequently, Opticians are able to adjust the lens to their patients, rather than adjusting the patient to the lens. “Free Form” custom eyeglass lens manufacturing is a new and exciting lens technology that delivers more usable and distortion free vision. It allows for advanced, tailored optics. Free form lens manufacturing incorporates a computer driven design that is custom matched to your prescription and frame selection. The result is better lens prescription that has improves overall visual clarity, reduces side distortion and creates more usable reading area. Freeform digital surfacing makes it possible to produce highly sophisticated lens designs.

Modern Manufacturing Process:

A computer numerically controlled (CNC) freeform generator and diamond cutting tools create the lens surface according to the desired parameters, which include optics-influencing variables beyond the usual sphere, cylinder, axis and add of the prescription. The entire prescription is generated onto the back surface of the lens minimizing aberrations resulting in minimized peripheral aberrations.

The lens is then polished, using a computer controlled “soft sponge” system to ensure optimal clarity is achieved while maintaining the integrity of the surface curves. Computer aided design combined with computer aided manufacturing creates digital lenses which yield better vision.

FreeForm TechnologyTM,
ReCreating Perfect Vision

The Results

Improved Peripheral Vision

FreeForm manufacturing allows for full customization of the lens design for each individual wearer. By putting the distance and/or near prescription on the back of the lens, closer to the eye, peripheral vision is improved, depth perception is enhanced and you experience enhanced visual clarity at all working distances.

Greater Visual Clarity

FreeForm digital lenses produce unsurpassed optical performance by using a level of customization not possible with previous manufacturing techniques. These lenses provide vastly improved contrast sensitivity and unparralelled optical clarity. Digital designs deliver clearer vision, providing six times greater resolution than conventional approaches because they make more effective use of the lens surfaces.

Fewer Peripheral Distortions

FreeForm digitally generated lenses minimize optical errors to create optimal fields of vision. They have far fewer aberrations than traditional lenses. Individualized design results in better power control and fewer distortions associated with head movements.

Better Vision

Ultra-smooth, digitally created surfaces provide high definition vision. Generated to the highest level of optical accuracy (0.01 diopters). Unavailable prior to this breakthrough these lenses provide sharper, clearer, more natural vision at all distances, with 20% wider fields of vision.

Ultra Thin, Lightweight Virtually Invisible Designs

High tech lens materials and asphericity in all vision zones assure the thinnest and lightest lens possible. All lenses come with a hydrophobic and oleophobic premium reflection free treatment providing unmatched visual clarity and durability.

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