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Progressive Lenses Since 1959

Ever since the creation of the first Varilux lens in 1959, Essilor’s unmatched dedication to research and development has been focused on a single goal-helping eye care professionals to provide patients with the most natural vision possible.

The eye in all its youth and health is able to see the world in its full beauty. Varilux research and human understanding allows patients to continue to enjoy this visual complexity all their lives – whatever the distance, whatever their age.

Every Varilux lens design is put through a rigorous series of wearer trials and clinical testing to ensure optimal performance. The goal of this process is to create progressive lens designs that can integrate seamlessly into the visual system-lens, eye, brain and body.

To experience natural vision for yourself, see your local independent eye care professional and ask which Varilux lens design is right for you.

The most recommended, best-selling premium progressive addition lens (PAL) of all time, Varilux Comfort® lenses are the gold standard by which all progressive lenses are judged. More than 100 million pairs have been dispensed!

Natural progressive vision made easy

Varilux Comfort lenses give you:

Uncompromised Vision Near, Far and In-Between

Varilux Comfort lenses provide excellent near, intermediate, distance and peripheral vision, all without compromising the visual quality of any single zone.

Easy Wearability

The patented design makes Varilux Comfort lenses easy to wear.

Easy Adaptation

Smooth transitions between visual zones make Varilux Comfort lenses easy to adapt to.

Reduced head and neck strain

The soft periphery and easy access to the reading zone minimizes unnatural head movement, increasing your physical well-being.

The sharpest progressive vision at every distance and every light condition – even at night.

 Parrelli Optical® certified Varilux design specialists.