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Bold New Fashion

For years frame styles have been getting smaller. This has been a delight to our Opticians because smaller frame shapes result in thinner, lighter and more comfortable eyewear. That in turn is a delight to our clients. These smaller lenses also fit closer to the eyes which yields far greater visual clarity, both while looking straight ahead and perhaps even more noticeably, while looking off to the sides. Another big plus for our patients.

Times change, the European style is making a comeback. Bigger, more dramatic styles are gaining in popularity. Plastic frames are experiencing a particular resurgence. Don’t be afraid of this bold new look, it is exciting and fashionable. These new larger, heavier mountings can be just as comfortable when fit properly.

Lightweight metal frames, in smaller sizes are very forgiving. The pads can be adjusted to land softly on the sides of your nose to support the lighter weight frame comfortably. Plastic frames have bridge pieces that straddle your nose distributing the weight of the eyewear over a larger area. But! And, there is always a but! The fit of this frame is critical. There is little adjustment to this part of eyeglasses so it is critical that the frame fit properly. You can trust the experienced professionals at Parrelli Optical® to recommend only those styles that guaranty your complete satisfaction.

Parrelli Optical® stylish frames and professional expertise to make you look good, see well and be comfortable.