Conventional is boring.

Zen Barcelona designers created a collection with this concept in mind. Frames that are anything but ordinary and steer clear of mainstream trends in eyewear design. Every model invites you to play, to break the mold, to get carried away.

Your glasses define you.

Zen Barcelona creates unique eyewear with different shapes and innovative colors to provide glasses that are individualized and reflective of your personal style. Your glasses are part of who you are. They’re with you all day, every day and must adapt to all the different moments in your life. Every Zen Barcelona mounting is an attempt in search of that perfect balance.

Pure Concept

The brand was born in Barcelona and the city is in its DNA. For Zen, Barcelona is a city full of contrasts

in perfect balance. A city home to historic buildings and avant-garde architecture, where science mixes with the good life, the sun and delicious cuisine. Barcelona is a dynamic city that inspires every one of our shapes and our colors.

Discipline in the Details

At Zen Barcelona we work we with different materials, either individually or combined, that enable us to innovate in design and incorporate the properties of each material. We continually improve upon each Zen Barcelona model until the final product is created. The design is revised at each stage of the process, from the first sketch to the final prototype. Every model we produce must meet our standards of excellence.

Ongoing Innovation

Our commitment is to offer new solutions, materials, combinations, and techniques year after year. This level of innovation requires ongoing research and an unwavering dedication to inventive design, style and color. Our possibilities are endless.

To find your glasses is to find balance. Find your Zen at Parrelli Optical® in Danvers today.

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