Seeing Without Boundaries

“Be confident in your natural appearance”

The world of eyewear was amazed when Silhouette introduced Titan Minimal Art for the first time in the late 90s. For the first time ever, designers succeeded in developing eyewear that was rimless, hingeless, screwless and virtually weightless. Amazed at the wearing comfort this eyewear offers more than 8 million people worldwide who have already chosen Titan Minimal Art. It is not simply eyewear; much more than that, it is a lifestyle and designer item, a must have, that accompanies the wearer throughout the day and throughout life – radiating pure joy at every glance. Titan Minimal Art has already travelled in space about fifteen times with NASA astronauts and has been featured in numerous films; but above all it is its wearer’s most prized possession.


Unlimited vision – made in Austria – this is what you will experience with the stylish models from Silhouette, the number 1 in rimless eyewear design. After all, in eyes of Silhouette, eyewear is more than “just” a vision aid, it is a stylish accessory in future-oriented design offering lightness and wearing comfort.

With this vision – which still holds true today – five employees and one designer started the history of the Austrian brand Silhouette in 1964. “The Silhouette strategy is not to be a trend or a fashion, but rather the clear and conscious decision to offer Silhouette customers the very best eyewear. Eyewear that becomes a daily pleasure because it is easy to feel and enjoy. Seeing without boundaries!”

“Crystals, a woman’s passion”


“The design priority is sensual lightness from purist and flowing shapes that cosmetically and softly hug the face of the wearer.”

“A Silhouette always incorporates itself gracefully, elegantly, flowing and harmonic in the face of the wearer. It underscores the natural beauty without covering or changing it. After all: The best frame for a pair of glasses is always the face of the wearer.”

“Individual eyewear design is our main tenet because we want to make unique eyewear for unique faces” – Klaus Schmied, Senior Executive President Finance, Administration and Production.


“Every eyewear model stands for excellence in design and attention to detail: Design, technology and manufacture in Austria. All models are created and produced in Linz based on the highest standards of quality.”

“Silhouette eyewear stands for the highest quality standards, incomparable wearing comfort and long lasting use. The eyewear of the future is the eyewear of the present at Silhouette. The eyewear is light, innovative, elegant, timeless, honest and without screws.”


The expression on a person’s face is really the expression of that person’s character; eyewear should always accentuate – and never cover up – this expression. That is the credo of Silhouette and the reason why Titan Minimal Art features a limitless variety of colours and shapes that can be used to make virtually custom-tailored versions for any wearer to match their skin and hair colour, the shape of their face and their personality. This is what makes Titan Minimal Art more than just a pair of glasses; indeed they are a part of the personality of the wearer.

Vision is limitless through Titan Minimal Art eyewear. There is nothing to limit the wearer’s perspective because the view is open in every direction thanks to the unique, rimless design.

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