Seraphin Eyewear has defined a new eyewear segment known as Neoclassic style, which challenges our perceptions of tradition and influences our vision of eyewear in the future. The Seraphin Collection by Ogi Eyewear is an elite line that reflects the essence of classic eyewear with a sharp modernistic edge. Seraphin is known by fashionistas worldwide as the romantic hero of neoclassic luxury, inspired by the timeless shapes of vintage styles with a striking modern edge. By adapting the finest elements of luxury eyewear from the past into fresh, contemporary interpretations, Seraphin embodies the eyewear aspirant with a keen intellectual perception of fashion. Each captivating style reflects a celebrated trendsetter of a bygone era through the placement of acute details, rich color and handmade materials. Within each frame lies a unique story that exemplifies the characteristics of Seraphin’s time-honored style. The Seraphin collection aims not only to bring life back to eyewear styles from the past, but rather synthesize the tradition anew.

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