Inspired by nature’s effortless beauty, SALT. combines the best of California lifestyle inspiration and Japanese craftsmanship to create the finest in premium eyewear.

SALT. features attention-grabbing lines and textures with a modern, minimalistic presentation featuring thin profiles and standout shapes. Creative use of materials, using a mix of Italian acetate and Japanese titanium create bold, elegant, functional style.

Born on the coast of California SALT. combines the best of custom materials and Japanese Craftsmanship to create the finest in premium eyewear. The brand draws its inspiration from nature’s effortless beauty, appearing simple on the surface yet consisting of a complex process perfected over time.

The Sea, The Air, The Land and their Timeless connection. The SALT. mission is to capture this inspiration and infuse it into our product. All of nature’s beautiful shapes, details and colors are here. And like the inspiration itself and its unique moment in time, each piece of SALT. eyewear has its own fingerprint, finished by the hands of third generation Japanese artisans. SALT.s design language is timeless, remaining relevant as near-term trends come and go. SALT. is a brand for anyone who appreciates simple things well made.

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