About Legre

The company originated in 2002 by two licensed opticians, Lenny Rabich and Gregory Meyliker. Both worked at high-end optical stores in New York City at the time. It did not take long to notice a lack of quality handmade plastic frames, a deficiency Lenny and Gregory have strived to correct. Thus, working overtime late nights, the collection was created – consisting of only twelve styles. A few years later, the growing company had successfully added an abundance of new styles and colors to that initial collection. Now proudly offering more than 120 styles, which include women’s and teenagers’ frames, as well as a great variety of men’s styles.

With plastic frames produced from Japanese and Italian handmade zyl, the collection is undeniably of the highest quality available. Exclusive metal frames are 100% stainless steel, created with a cutting edge modern method. Featuring a wide variety of colors, temple treatments, and laser cuttings, the collection is unique and diverse. Most shapes available on the market are impressively represented in the collection, including: square, rectangular, round, oval, cat eye and P3.

Additionally, the colors are triple laminates; some frames even include a 3D treatment as well. Austrian hinges are of exceptional quality, with screws bearing Phillips heads to allow easier adjustments, and the bridge sizes carefully calculated to offer the perfect fit.

Since both Lenny and Gregory possess an extensive background in optics, both are inclined to focus on each and every detail of the frame. The collection is designed for customers, with the utmost comfort, beauty, and precision that is demanded by professional opticians. Attention to detail is the main motto this company operates by.

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