Unsurpassed comfort and durability in a safe, affordable eyewear collection parents have come to trust.

Created to meet the needs of parents and their little ones, the Dilli Dalli pediatric eyewear collection offers unsurpassed durability, a comfortable fit and adorable style. Featuring the innovative IntelliFlex ™ technology, this advanced collection delivers fashion and function!

Our commitment to providing a positive experience for your toddler is why Parrelli Optical® offers Dilli Dalli eyewear.


Little patients have facial features that aren’t yet fully developed. Dilli Dalli puts particular emphasis on proper, precise fit for little faces when designing each model and the Professionals at Parrelli Optical® will assure they fit properly


We know how challenging it can be for small children to wear glasses, especially for an extended period of time! So, recommending the most comfortable frames is one of our top priorities.


When it comes to your little ones, there’s nothing Parrelli Optical® wouldn’t do to keep them safe. Dilli Dalli frames are designed with safety in mind.

Selection of this collection by Parrelli Optical® was driven by the needs of our pediatric eyewear patients and their parents. Our extensive research combined with our years of experience and knowledge in pediatric eyewear design, led us to choose these frames for the safety, durability and comfort they provide for your toddler.

Your child deserves the special care we offer at Parrelli Optical®. Visit us today!

Shop with confidence! All Eyewear from Parrelli Optical® is covered by our exclusive “You Must Be Totally Satisfied” written guarantee.