Blackfin Zero Optical.

Only Blackfin is like Blackfin.

When we use the term uniqueness, we know exactly what we’re talking about.

Blackfin Zero redefines the concept of light-weight, strength and minimalism. It’s a concentration of technology and design. An eyewear so light and comfortable so as to be nearly imperceptible, optimizing comfort and quality of vision.

Japanese Titanium, Italian talent.

We always buy our raw titanium from the best Japanese producers and we always shape this extraordinary material in Italy. Titanium is as wear resistant as steel, but 40% lighter. It is a modern high tech material – light-weight, durable, biocompatible, non-toxic and non-allergenic.

No screw and no soldering. Incredible.

Blackfin offers extraordinarily durable eyewear, with clean and simple lines, thanks to the absence of screws and solderings, always the critical points in a pair of glasses.

Atom, the maintenance-free hinge.

50000 opening and closing cycles, no maintenance. Thanks to the micrometric techniques implemented in the processing of titanium, we were able to patent a hinge without screws, the critical point in every pair of traditional glasses. A guarantee of reliability and precision, obtained by the use of very high precision technologies and a new and exclusive material inside the hinge, Milaton™, a result of the Blackfin research.

A throughout Italian excellence.

Each pair of Blackfin glasses is entirely designed and manufactured by us in Italy: a strategic choice in order to control all the manufacturing stages, to follow every detail with maniacal care, to produce every component in real time, so that everyone becomes aware of truest meaning of the word “quality”.

Colors, Finishes and Shapes.

The multiple colors and finishes which are carefully handcrafted in Italy emphasize the character of the frame, making it an extraordinarily unique piece. The range of available shapes has been designed to satisfy various demands in terms of style and personality.

When we use the term “uniqueness”, we know exactly what we are talking about. Each of our products is the direct reflexion of our abilities: the ability to perform absolutely unique processings and the careful attention to every construction detail. That is why every Blackfin Zero has an individual series number that guarantees its origin and authenticity.

Minimalistic Design.

Blackfin transfers forty years of experience as a manufacturer of quality eyewear and the deep knowledge of materials to the design of these ultra-light and minimalistic frames which ensure a linear and light look without renouncing strength or elasticity.

Simple and elegant solutions, from Blackfin, seen exclusively at Parrelli Optical® in Cambridge and Danvers.

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