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Let Parrelli Optical Solve Your Reading Troubles with Contact Lenses.


With age, trouble focusing up close becomes increasingly difficult, this is called presbyopia – fatigue, low light, and concentrated near work also contribute to reading problems. There are several solutions using contact lenses.


We can fully correct your long-distance vision with contact lenses. Then you can wear reading glasses over those lenses when you want to see up close. This is less than ideal because most contact lenses wearers don’t want to wear glasses!


Everyone has a dominant eye. It’s the eye that you turn to look at something. It’s the eye that delivers the sharpest vision. The non-dominant eye then fills in the elements of peripheral field and depth perception, what we call spacial orientation. The preference vision fitting technique is to fully correct the dominant eye for distance vision and then to add additional magnification to the other eye for near vision. While this may sound clumsy, the brain quickly adapts and the range of vision is greatly increased.

How To Find Your Dominant Eye

This fitting technique is great to lessen problems with reading in the early stages. As you need more magnification the difference between the two eyes can lead to depth perception compromises and even difficulty driving.


Just like your progressive power eyeglasses, the most effective way to afford you good vision at both distance and near and everywhere in between is with multifocal contact lenses.

At Parrelli Optical® all of fitters are qualified to fit multifocal contact lenses.

Multifocal contact lenses require an experienced professional fitter who is familiar with many different lenses to assure your success.

At Parrelli Optical® all of our contact lens fitters in BeverlyCambridgeDanvers, and North Andover are qualified to fit multifocal contact lenses.