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Contact Lenses for Corneal Grafts

The cornea is the clear circle of tissue at the front of the eye that collects light and focuses images on the retina at the back of the eye, which results in what we know as vision. Advancing corneal disease and severe injuries can lead to significant scarring or distortions of the corneal tissue. When light can no longer penetrate, vision is dramatically compromised.

Often a cornea transplant or graft is the only hope for renewing useful sight. In a surgical procedure a donor cornea replaces the damaged tissue. After healing, the integrity of the system is restored but due to the intricacies of attaching clear tissue over a damaged cornea the vision is typically far from perfect.

The resultant cornea is very irregular. The only treatment option is the use of a gas permeable contact lens. The firmness of this material restores a smooth optical surface to the front of the eye, improving vision dramatically. After a corneal graft, the eye is extremely delicate. The fitting of a rigid lens on a post transplant eye requires years of experience. The staff at Parrelli Optical® specializes in these procedures and has the expertise to fit these complicated lenses successfully.

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