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Providing Superior Vision 

Rigid or gas permeable lenses are firm. Rather than draping over the cornea they float on top of that delicate tissue. Each lens is in essence two lenses. The first lens is the contact itself which forms a new, smooth surface for the front of eye. The second lens is the layer of tear between the back of the contact and the front of the cornea.

Damaged Corneas and Eye Disease

Your Parrelli Optical® skilled, professional contact lens fitter can use this unique lens design to create a tear layer that will neutralize any corneal irregularity that might be found in a damaged or diseased tissue, including keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration of corneal transplants.

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses offer unsurpassed vision

Complex Prescriptions

Modern, computer generated manufacturing technologies allow us to fabricate far more intricate designs than ever before. At Parrelli Optical® we use our expertise to design lenses for complex prescriptions like astigmatism, bifocals and multifocals. Each of our gas permeable lenses is individually designed and custom fabricated for your eye affording almost anyone comfortable wear and great vision.

Dry Eye

Modern soft lenses are generally 50% tear film when they are on the eye. That means you need to produce enough tear to keep that lens hydrated, comfortable and functioning well. A rigid lens material is less than five percent water, so that you only need enough tear to float that lens on your eye. Many dry eye patients find gas permeable contact lenses quite comfortable.

Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses remain the only responsible annual replacement contact lenses. A daily cleaner and separate storage solution for safe disinfection and healthy lens wear are indicated on a daily basis.

Gas permeable contact lenses require an extra level of professional expertise to design and build. Your Parrelli Optical eyecare professional has the experience to improve your vision and your comfort.

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