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We Don’t Fit Contact Lenses, We Fit Eyes

Each of our offices is staffed by certified professionals who specialize in the fitting of contact lenses. They are not an afterthought tucked into the back of your eye exam, contact lenses are all that we do.

At Parrelli Optical our contact lens fitting procedure includes a comprehensive corneal evaluation. We use biomicroscopes to inspect the present state of your cornea, your tear film, your lids and the surrounding tissue. We use an autorefractor to precisely measure the power needed for your contact lens. This resultant power is often adjusted from your spectacle prescription because the contact lens rests directly on your eye. We may use topography to assess the overall shape of the front of your globe to assure the optimal lens fit and eye health response. We could also include corneal photography to document areas of potential concern. Finally, we will conduct an extensive lifestyle discussion. How, when and where you intend to use your contact lenses helps lead us to the correct design for your eyes.

Only after this comprehensive assessment do we select lenses form our inventory of literally thousands of lenses from virtually all the world’s major manufactures to assure your comfortable wear, good vision and exceptional eye health response over your lens wearing lifetime.

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