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Exciting New Lens Designs

Gas permeable contacts are firm and yield exception sharpness of vision. They can correct a wider range of vision problems. The firm lens floats on the front of the eye providing new ocular surface for irregular, diseased or surgically altered corneas. These lenses also provide much more oxygen to the delicate cornea that other materials.

Some eyes, due to genetics, damage or injury are hyper-sensitive to contact lenses. A hybrid contact lens provides the best answer for these patients. Hybrid lenses are made from two different plastics. The center portion of a hybrid contact lens is a gas permeable lens that provides high definition vision. The periphery of the hybrid contact is soft. This outer ring is supple and it slides under your eyelids to provide exceptional wearing comfort.


Hybrid contact lenses can offer you the best of both worlds. Your brain receives the high-definition visual acuity and your eye receives the extra oxygen associated with gas permeable lenses, but more importantly, you also get exceptional comfort delivered by soft contact lenses. Hybrid contact lenses are indicated for keratoconus, corneal ectasia, problems reading, high amounts of astigmatism and for the hypertensive eye that is intolerant of other designs.

The experienced professionals at Parrelli Optical® have the training and the experiences to successfully fit you to hybrid contact lenses.