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Contact Lenses after Cataract Surgery

The crystalline lens is just behind the iris inside the eye. It changes shape to refine the focus of light to form an image on the retina. With age and exposure to ultra-violet light this lens decreases in functionality and clarity. This is called a cataract. Ultimately, it needs to be removed to restore vision. Most commonly the lens is replaced by a single focus implant.

Recent Surgery

Modern cataract surgery is rather remarkable. While it is clearly a surgical procedure most ophthalmologists perform it flawlessly. Within days the operated eye is seeing extremely well. Sometimes the distance vision needs a minor correction sharpen the distance vision and some magnification for reading. Depending upon the final prescription vision after cataracts can be fully corrected for distance and near with some combination of single vision or multifocal contact lenses.

Past Surgery

Prior to the routine use of implants, the crystalline lens harboring the cataract was removed and a spectacle or contact lens was used to replace it. The prescription in these replacement lenses was significant, leading to a variety of visual complaints. The strength of the new lens made it more difficult to fit properly. Modern soft and rigid gas permeable designs overcome many of these past problems and can leave the patient much more physically and visually comfortable.

The contact lens fitters at Parrelli Optical® are specially trained to assess your post cataract eye and to recommend the best possible contact lens solution.