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Contact Lenses For Kids

While spectacles are increasingly in vogue, most young people tend not to want to wear eyeglasses. As a child comes of age in their adolescent years, their self-image begins to form. Research suggests that the inclusion of glasses in that image may detract from the development of self-confidence.

Are Contacts right for my child?

Whose idea is it?

Generally, children who initiate the conversations about lenses are the most successful. When it is your child’s decision to explore contacts, they are much more motivated to succeed. However, with the skills of the contact lens fitters at Parrelli Optical in Beverly, Cambridge, Danvers, and North Andover any child can wear contact lenses comfortably and safely.

What is the right age?

Success with contact lenses is not age related. Infants are often fit with lenses to correct serious vision concerns. Many preteens flourish with contact lenses. A vast majority of teenagers are successful and enjoy the many benefits of lenses.

Does your child break or loose glasses frequently?

Glasses are a necessary adjunct to successful contact lenses wear for everyone. Rather than a contra-indication to contact lenses, frequent loss or damage of eyewear may indicate an underlying dissatisfaction with that form of vision correction, opening the door to successful contact lens wear.

Is your child involved in sports?

Contact lenses provide more natural vision. Image sizes are presented accurately, peripheral field of view is greatly expanded and depth perception is dramatically improved. All of these improvements enhance sports vision and improve your athlete’s performance. Contact lenses are better for sports.

Does your child participate in active pastimes including band, dancing or acting?

Contact lenses stay in place and provide good stable vision for active children. There are no worries about lenses fogging up or glass slipping down to the end of nose, or even falling off. Contact lenses are great for all activities.

What type of contact lenses are best for young eyes?

Parrelli Optical’s philosophy is to fit all eyes for a lifetime of successful contact lens wear. Soft, safe, single use, daily disposable contact lenses allow your child to open a fresh, clean and sterile contact lens each day. No messy solutions or dirty lenses to deal with. Just wear them once and throw them away. With many years of experience dispensing these modern lens designs and a wealth of international research, we are confident that young eyes can safely wear daily disposable lenses for many years. Single use contact lenses are the best option for young eyes.

Some contact lenses are healthier than others.

The eye gets its nutrition from the oxygen it derives from the environment. When you wear any contact lens the flow of that oxygen is slowed. Modern materials allow for an unprecedented amount of oxygen to flow through the lens to nourish the cornea. In fulfilling our commitment to assure a lifetime of safe contact lens wear, Parrelli Optical uses only the newest and healthiest contact lens materials for our all our clients.

Part time wear is a possibility.

Too much of a good thing can be problem. We never recommend uninterrupted contact lens wear. Typically, we suggest an average twelve-hour wear day. If your child is putting lenses on at 7:00 in the morning to catch the school bus, they should be taking those lenses off at 7:00 that evening. Of course, that won’t always be possible, some days are longer. If your child wears them late one day, they should be encouraged to take them out earlier the next day. We highly recommend our very young patients to take one day a week off from lens wear. We can also fit your child to lenses for part time wear, a couple of days a week or a few hours a day.

Myopia Control

There is an international epidemic of nearsightedness afflicting the world. Too little time outdoors and too much time in front of a digital device can trigger progressive myopia. The newest contact lens designs have been shown to slow the increase of nearsightedness, actually control myopia in the growing eye. The nearsighted eyeball is elongated leading to a pulling on the delicate retina delicate retina. High degrees of nearsightedness (myopia) lead to many sight compromising conditions as theses eyes age. The more we can to reduce this stretching the healthier the eye will be. If your child has a family history of myopia or is currently nearsighted we highly recommend a consultation on ways to slow this progression.


Still not sure? Of course, you’re not. A family cannot possibly make an informed decision about contact lenses without knowing all the facts. That’s why we offer an in-office visit to explore contact lenses, answer your questions and address your concerns. Our exclusive “TEST DRIVE” invites your child to come in, be evaluated for contact lenses, discuss your options and even try on a pair of lenses if they would like. If they decide to proceed with wearing lenses, great. If not, we can still be friends. Schedule your FREE no-obligation visit today.

You can trust your child’s eyes to the Optical Professionals in our Beverly, Cambridge, Danvers, and North Andover offices.