Want to try contact lenses?

Contact lenses offer an unprecedented option for virtually every vision correction. New materials improve wearing comfort. Modern designs correct the most complex prescriptions, even those including bifocals and astigmatism. Planned replacement designs minimize the care regime. Pop them in, see well, and be comfortable. See for yourself, call for your convenient appointment today.

How young is too young?

Many young people start thinking about contact lenses at a very early age. When is it optimal for a young person to start wearing lenses? Our rule of thumb is to ask ”Who’s idea is it?” If it’s your child’s idea and they are genuinely interested, you can schedule a no-obligation “Introduction to Contact Lens 101.” We will talk to your child about the responsibilities of lens wear. We will answer your questions and probably answer some questions you didn’t know to ask. We will evaluate your child’s eyes, and if they feel as though they are interested they can even try on a pair. If they wish to proceed, great! If not we can still be friends!

How old is too old?

The adage “you are never too old” was never truer than when said about contact lens wear! We can fit almost anyone who wants to try. Our contact lens “Test Drive” is a no-obligation in-office visit that affords you the opportunity to have a professional evaluation, a chance to ask your questions and a possibility to try lenses on. What are your waiting for? Schedule your visit today.

Still nervous?

Most people are apprehensive about putting lenses on. When we fit you to contact lenses it’s our job to be sure you are comfortable getting your lenses in and out of your eyes. It’s our obligation to be certain you are seeing well. And, it is our duty to be sure your eyes stay healthy throughout your contact lens wearing experience. All of our “New Wearer” fittings include ongoing follow-up visits, web-based information and phone support to assure your success. At Parrelli Optical®, you’ve got a friend in the business!

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Complete contact lens examinations, contact lens fittings and replacement contact lenses are available at Parrelli Optical® in Beverly, Cambridge, Danvers and North Andover.

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