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Specialty Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

The tears bathe the front eyeball. They provide a smooth optical surface for the cornea and they add lubrication to allow the lids to slide gently over the front of the eye. With age, occupational demands, fatigue and environmental conditions the tear film can be disrupted leading to blurred vision and discomfort.

A soft contact lens is 50% tear film when it is on your eye. In essence it acts like sponge. When wearing contacts the lens is in competition with the eye for the available tears. Dry eyes or even marginally dry eyes can become increasingly uncomfortable when wearing a lens. New contact lens designs made in soft, gas permeable  or  hybrid, which combine both materials can greatly improve your wearing comfort, your eye health and your vision.

The Opticians at Parrelli Optical® specialize in fitting contact lenses for dry eyes.