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We do not fit contact lenses… we fit eyes.

Mature eyes, older eyes, experienced eyes, none of those descriptions are flattering! But, life happens. As your eyes age they change. They get dryer. You need more light to see. Your vision changes. Reading becomes a problem.

All those alterations require a different approach to fitting your contact lenses.

For more than forty years the contact lens professionals at Parrelli Optical® have been committed to studying, researching and introducing the newest, safest and healthiest contact lens options available.

We want you to be able to wear your lenses where and when you wish. We want you to see what you need to see, very far away or right up close. And, most of all we want you to be comfortable with your lenses on. We go to these great lengths to assure that you can have a lifetime of comfortable lens wear. Don’t you eyes deserve the best?


Complete contact lens examinations, contact lens fittings and replacement contact lenses are available at Parrelli Optical® in BeverlyCambridgeDanvers and North Andover.

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