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Contact Lenses for Keratoconus

The cornea is the delicate clear window at the front of your eye. Keratoconus is an affliction that leads to a progressive thinning of this corneal tissue. In the early stages of this disease the thinning cornea tends to bulge. Generally, the initial distortion induced from keratoconus is mild and located in the lower regions of the cornea, below the line of sight. At this stage vision can be corrected with spectacles or soft lenses.

As the distortion of the corneal tissue advances, the bulging becomes significant leading to severe visual compromise. Advanced keratoconus requires the use of a rigid or hybrid contact lens design to restore functional vision. The keratoconic contact lens fit is an exacting procedure. The lens must vault the excessive curve presented by the bulging cornea and still remain centered and stable in order to provide satisfactory sight. The thinning tissue is extremely delicate and susceptible to distortion, abrasion and permanent scarring. Contact lenses for keratoconus must only be fit by an experienced professional.

Corneal Ectasia

There are a variety of corneal conditions that can lead to a distortion of the tissue and a compromise to vision. Often times they are classified as keratoconus. Our new instrumentation and modern diagnostic testing allow the professionals at Parrelli Optical® to differentiate corneal ectasis, stable corneal distortions and keratoconus. This more exacting diagnosis allows for the selection of the best treatment plan.

The contact lens fitters at Parrelli Optical® have many years of experience designing and building innovative designs to restore vision and to protect the integrity of the eye for patients suffering with keratoconus and corneal ectasia.

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