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There Is Not A Dry Eye In The House

The Safigel™ Difference.

Contact lens wearers’ often complain of their eyes feeling dry or sticky as the day wears on. Many people use drops to wet their lenses so they can feel more comfortable. Increasingly frequent rewetting is needed just to keep their lenses in a little longer.

The Safigel One Day lens brings tears to your eyes.

Sodium hyaluranate (HA) is found in the human body. A single molecule of HA will attract 3,000 times its own weight in water. With this patented material, HA is incorporated into the matrix of the lens in a gel form to create the world’s first hyaluronate-gel contact lens. When the lens is worn, the combined action of body heat and the force from blinking releases the HA into the pre and post lens tear film, providing enhanced comfort to the wearer throughout the day.


The contact lens fitters at Parrelli Optical® seek out the newest innovations in contact lenses to improve our patients comfort and vision.