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Lightweight, Comfortable Protection

The challenge in any industrial application is to get workers in sight-threatening environments to wear protective eyewear. Historically, safety frames have been heavy, cumbersome, uncomfortable and downright ugly. Parrelli Optical® has championed protecting your employees by constantly introducing new and innovative products. We are pleased to offer OnGuard Safety Eyewear.

These designs are indistinguishable in comfort and appearance from high fashion eyewear, yet safer and more durable than ordinary safety frames. They are designed specifically for thin, light polycarbonate lenses, now specified in the latest ANSI Z87.1-2003 industrial eyewear standard. The result – more comfortable, more attractive protection, at the cost of an ordinary safety frame.Vision is not easily repaired. Protect it! Nothing looks, feels, and protects like A-2® high impact eyewear!



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