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We Are Committed To:

1. The Prevention of sports related eye injuries. More than 600,000 eye injuries related to sports and recreation occur each year. 90% of all these eye injuries can be prevented with the use of appropriate protective eyewear for children and adults. The Prevention of work related eye injuries. With proper industrial eyewear design occupational eye injuries can be significantly reduced. The prevention of home maintenance related eye injuries. With adequate home safety eyewear design these eye injuries can all but be eliminated.

2. Offering an alternative to dress eyewear and sunglasses for use in sports. Regular eyewear offers little or no protection during sports. Everyday eyewear may even be more dangerous in these applications. We offer an extensive collection of frames, lenses and tints designed to meet or exceed US Sports Safety Eyewear and ANSI® protective standards.

3. Educating our patients about the proper eyewear to prevent injuries. One single device cannot protect everyone. Our highly trained staff of knowledgeable professionals can assess your risk and recommend the proper protection for young people or adults.

We Offer an Extensive Selection

At Parrelli Optical® we offer an extensive array of sports protective eyewear. Our Nationally Certified Opticians are uniquely qualified to discuss your functional vision needs and to recommend sports eyegear to improve you performance.

When you see better, you play better. Let us also protect your sight. Choose the Right Sports Eyegear

Parrelli Optical® providing for your sports vision needs and protecting your eyes since 1968.