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Custom Designed Protection For Your Company

Why should you choose Parrelli Optical® to provide your safety eyewear or medical splash protection? Experience, flexibility and ease.


Parrelli Optical® has been involved with the designing and implementing of industrial safety eyewear programs for over 30 years. We innovated the use of shatter resistant polycarbonate materials over twenty years ago, a lens that increases your employees’ protection and lessens your company’s liability. We were among the first to introduce more fashionable safety frame styles, which means that your people are going to like their glasses and are more likely to wear them. Furthermore, Nationally Certified Professional Opticians individually adjust each pair of protective eyewear to guarantee wearer comfort, and comfortable glasses get worn. Increased compliance protects everyone.


Parrelli Optical® can custom design a program to satisfy the protection needs of your company and your employees. This plan will be designed to work within your budget. Your company can contribute as much or as little as it would like. Today, many employers pay for the basic protective eyewear and the employees are free to purchase “upgrades” at their own expense. Many options exist.

Parrelli Optical® makes it easy to protect your employees and your company


Parrelli Optical® has two retail locations in the metropolitan Boston area to serve you and your employees. Each of our clients is assigned a trained safety coordinator from Parrelli Optical®, someone who knows how to get things done. There are no mail order forms to complete, no long waits and always someone you can call with any question.

Additional Benefits

A further benefit to participation in this plan is enrollment of your employees in our V.I.P. Courtesy Plan. This will afford each employee and their family a significant savings on optical products and services. Included are comprehensive eye examinations, dress eyewear, contact lenses, and even non-prescription sunglasses. This is offered at no cost to your company and can become a permanent part of your employee benefit package.

We Are Competitive

We are a local provider in competition with national vendors. We have to do a better job at a more attractive price.