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M Frame®

Athletes have won more championships and medals with the M Frame® than with any other single sport product on earth. It changed the way the world looks at sports by turning sunglasses from a generic accessory into a vital piece of equipment. Sports legends have relied on technologies and design innovations that earned M Frame® 30 separate patents. This precision optical instrument gives athletes the ultimate in performance, durability and comfort because sport professionals demand nothing less than the very best.

The Best Vision in Sports

The lightweight design offers all-day comfort while meeting ANSI standards for impact protection. Interchangeable lenses let you adapt to any sport environment, and our Unobtainium® components increase grip with sweat, keeping the frame securely in place.
Pro M Frame

The Pro M Frame® is a hingeless design that maintains a secure fit with the subtle pressure of frame flexibility. The frame is molded in a reduced arc, allowing the earstems to press gently inward to keep the eyewear in place during the inertial changes of sports activities.

M Frame Lenses

Ordinary sport shields are made by bending flat sheets in a simple curve. M Frame® uses true Polaric Ellipsoid® geometry to contour the lens in three dimensions for the best possible protection against sun, wind and side impact. This requires XYZ Optics®, a technology that maintains razor-sharp clarity at all angles of vision. It’s just one of the patented innovations that give you the unbeatable performance of High Definition Optics® (HDO®)

Lens Shapes

Each M Frame® style has removable, interchangeable lens options that allow you to adapt instantly to any light condition. Five lens shapes are designed to match the M Frame® and Pro M Frame®

Lens Tints

M Frame® lenses are available in a full spectrum of color options. Each hue optimizes light transmission, absorption and reflection for a specific range of light conditions. This allows you to maintain the highest levels of contrast and clarity for any application. Optional Iridium® lens coatings offer a semi-reflective surface that maximizes contrast and minimizes glare. The range of Iridium® tints allows the wearer to specifically tune light transmission for any environment.

RX Lens (Prescription)

The M Frame® and the Pro M Frame® can be fitted with Rx implants. Currently, implants are not available for the Mag M Frame®. These ophthalmic lenses are integrated into the single-lens shields to provide corrective optics, custom ground for your prescription.

These Shooting Glasses are available at all Parrelli Optical® locations.