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Protect Your Vision At Your Other Job

Home is where we go to seek shelter from the harsh realities of the world around us. We work hard so that we can retreat to a warm, welcoming space. Many of us spend a huge amount of time working on, what is for most of us is the single biggest investment we will ever make. We repair, maintain and improve the inside and the outside of our castle so that every once in a while we can relax, sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labors. But, the reality is that lawn mowers pitch rocks. Weed whackers launch mulch. Paint scrappers scatter chips. Saws fling dust. Brushes spatter caustic liquids. Our warm comfy home can at times be a battle field of projectiles looking for an eyeball to damage. Protecting your eyes and the sight they provide is so very simple and comfortable and even stylish, yes even stylish!

Let the knowledgeable professional eye injury prevention team at Parrelli Optical® let you enjoy the benefits of your hard work.