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Sports Eyegear for Young People

Kids’ active lifestyles leave them exposed to many eye health risks. Today, it seems as though almost every kid is involved in some type of organized sport.

Because of the many style and functional issues surrounding the proper fit for young people many kids end up with metal mountings. While today’s frames are remarkably durable and modern lenses are incredibly protective, they are designed for everyday activities. More aggressive play and organized sports incrementally increase the risk of eye injury. Metal frames are designed to absorb impact by deforming. However, nose pads, guard arms and the occasional separated joints present a formidable risk to delicate faces. Many school and community sponsored programs require eyeglasses wearing young people to be fitted with specially designed eye protection. Parrelli Optical’s knowledgeable professional can recommend the best sports eyegear and the best lens colors for your active youngster. But even kids requiring no prescription should protect their vision.

Sports Eyegear are frame and lens combinations designed to protect even the most active eyeballs. You can trust Parrelli Optical® to direct you to appropriate protection for your activities.

The professional opticians at Parrelli Optical® have the knowledge to design eyewear to protect your child’s eyes and improve their performance.