What’s Keeping You Up At Night?

You have known for years that ultraviolet (UV) light can damage your skin, prematurely age the front of your eye and cause irreversible damage to the structures deep inside your eyeball. UV light is the burning rays of the sun, and while you cannot see them, they are at work cooking your eyeballs!

Right next to ultra-violet light in the electromagnetic spectrum, the scale for measuring energy, we find high energy visible light. It turns out that this blue light brightens things.

sleep-lossKnowing this, the manufacturers of televisions, computer monitors, tablets and cell phones use this light to brighten the screens on their products. These wave lengths suppress the production of melatonin in your brain. Melatonin is the chemical that makes you drowsy and ready for sleep.

Normally as the sun goes down, melatonin is released and your body prepares for rest. If you spend a lot of time using any of these devices in the evening that normal mechanism for winding down is disrupted and you may have trouble sleeping!

The recommendation is simple; Wear eyeglasss designed with blue light blocking filters to protect your macula and let you get to sleep sooner and awaken more rested.

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