Reduce the Risk of Eye Injury

More than 600,000 recreationally related eye injuries occur every year. Emergency rooms treat more than 42,000 sports induced eye injuries annually. Every year as many as 13,000 people sustain legally blinding sports eye damage. Balls, racquets, elbows, fingers and even bacteria present a formidable danger. A sight threatening eye injury is a devastating lifelong tragedy often requiring decades of continuing medical care.

soprts-safetyWell fit and professionally designed Sports Eyegear is appearing on fields, arenas and swimming pools everywhere. Most fitness clubs require eye protection on their courts. Many communities are considering mandating the use of sports goggles for all activities involving kids. All for good reason! Sports related eye injuries are among the easiest to prevent.

In addition to eye protection, Sports Eyegear can boost the wearer’s performance. Improved sharpness of vision, enhanced peripheral field of view and better depth perception are just some of the many benefits that accompany the security of sports eye wear.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has published standards for the design and impact resistance eye protection for virtually every sport. Specially designed frames can incorporate your prescription or be worn with plain lenses.

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