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Is your vision blurred?

If you are having difficulty seeing in the distance or if you are having trouble reading your vision correction has changed. It’s time for your eye exam.

Do you have trouble driving at night?

Trouble seeing road signs and road lines is a sure sign that it’s time for your eyes to be examined.

Do you get headaches?

Eye strain can lead to headaches or general fatigue. You may be working too hard to focus resulting in this discomfort. You need an eye exam.

Do straight lines appear wavy?

When straight lines appear distorted or if your central vision is blurry it may be a sign of serious sight-threatening eye health issues.

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Are you a kid?

Young people are spending a huge amount of time on the computer/tablet/TV/phone. Conclusive evidence proves that this phenomenon has a profound impact on your child’s vision. The extra blue light generated by these devices overloads the central retina and leads to vision loss in adulthood. The lack of outdoor time induces nearsightedness. There are strategies in place to deal with these problems which we can discuss at your child’s annual eye exam visit.

Are you an adult?

Complications with your eyes occur far more frequently as we get older. With many of the more serious sight-threatening diseases you will have no symptoms in the early stages. However, when diagnosed early, many of these maladies can be treated successfully. Left unchecked the damage is permanent. Have your eyes examined every year.

Do you have complaints about using your computer?

If you experience strain, stress, dry irritated eyes or even neck and back aches. If you are stiff, sore or exhausted after working all day on your computer. If you tire quickly when reading. If you squint. If your eyes dry and irritated. The place to start is with a comprehensive eye examination.

Do you have any other symptoms?

Do you have a family history of eye disease?
Are you diabetic?
Can you remember your last eye exam?
Do you have difficulty reading?

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions you should schedule annual eye examinations today.

Is your vision double?
Are you seeing halos around objects?
Are you experiencing changes in your vision?
Are you seeing spots or flashes of light?
Have you had an increase in floaters?
Do you feel pressure around your eyes?

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, it is essential to have an eye doctor examine your eyes immediately. Many of these symptoms can indicate a serious eye health concern.

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How much will it cost?

Many insurances pay for annual eye exams. They include this benefit because they know that an eye exam detects your vision correction needs. In addition, our skilled and highly trained Doctors of Optometry can identify a variety of eye and general health maladies during a routine eye exam. Early treatments control all health issues more effectively.

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What if you have no symptoms?

“Preventative care” are the new watch words in your overall health. Detecting disease early often means far better outcomes. Your eyes are no exception. Many maladies can be detected from looking deep into your eyeballs.

Children 5 years and younger. For children under 3, your pediatrician will likely look for the most common eye problems — lazy eye, crossed eyes or turned-out eyes. Depending on your child’s willingness to cooperate, he or she could undergo a more-comprehensive eye exam between the ages of 3 and 5, or as soon as she can recognize letters.

School-age children and adolescents. Have your child’s vision checked before he or she enters first grade. If your child has no symptoms of vision problems and no family history of vision problems, have his or her vision rechecked every one to two years. Otherwise, schedule eye exams based on the advice of your eye doctor.

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