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With keratoconus there is a thinning and bulging of the corneal tissue. This irregularity prevents the light from falling evenly on the retina resulting in blurred vision. People with keratoconus tend to rub their eyes. Whether this is as a result of the disease or a cause no one knows for sure. This disorder is more common in men, early symptoms present in the mid twenties. There is a familial link; heredity plays a role in the presentation of keratoconus. While approximately 1 in 1,000 patients suffer from the disease its cause remains undetermined.

Keratoconus starts in one and usually progresses to the other eye. Early symptoms include blurred vision, eye strain and light sensitivity. As the deterioration of the cornea continues, the bulging increases and the symptoms worsen and vision becomes profoundly impacted. Ultimately, spectacles and soft contact lenses are of little value in correcting vision. The irregular cornea requires rigid gas permeable contact lenses to provide a new smooth front surface to the eye to restore vision.

These contact lenses must be carefully fitted and monitored by a qualified eye care professional.

Distorted Vision

The cornea is the clear window on the front of the eye. It bends incoming light rather dramatically to focus an image on the retina at the back of the eye enabling us to see. The cornea is constructed of overlapping layers of tight packed and orderly arranged collagen fibrils. Finally, there is an ionic pumping mechanism that maintains the delicate balance of fluid content that yields clear corneal tissue.

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