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Prescription safety glasses are a necessity for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. At Parrelli Optical, we believe that keeping your eyes safe is just as important as seeing well. If you need vision correction but can’t always wear contacts, keeping a pair of prescription safety glasses in Medford, MA will ensure that your eyes will be protected and your vision will be clear, no matter what activities or projects you have to do.

Sport Prescription Safety Glasses in Medford, MA

Sporting and shooting glasses are extremely important. In fact, prescription shooting glasses are imperative to many marksmen. These glasses don’t just improve vision, but they also have interchangeable tinted lenses that can make targets clearer. Prescription safety glasses in Medford, MA are designed to fit securely around your head without obstructing your vision or adding bulk. Many of our customers wear their sporting glasses:

Prescription Safety Glasses

  • • While playing basketball
  • • For racquetball and tennis matches
  • • For football practices and games
  • • During soccer matches

Home and Industrial Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription safety glasses are even more vital for eye protection at home or work. Home safety glasses offer light protection from typical home improvement projects that can produce debris, like scraping paint or using power tools. These safety glasses are also great for yard work and other outdoor activities. Keeping a pair of these in a toolbox or garage will prevent minor and serious eye injuries. Our industrial safety glasses are heavy duty, and we work with companies to find the perfect industrial safety glasses design for their employees. If we can’t find the best design for the industry, we’ll work with experts to create safety glasses that work for each individual employee while maintaining the highest safety standards.

The safety of your eyes should be a high priority. Even small scratches can seriously damage your eyesight or lead to expensive medical procedures. Our protective eye gear will keep you covered for any occasion, so check out our selection of prescription safety glasses conveniently located near Medford, MA.