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Boston Contact Lens Specialists

When it comes to your eyes, and especially contact lenses, you want to meet with experts. Parrelli Optical has been specializing in contact lenses for over 30 years and every one of their Boston area locations is staffed with certified professionals you can trust. We always start with a comprehensive assessment and Parrelli Optical can help you whether you need a routine prescription or even the most challenging fitting.

What You May Not Know about Contact Lenses

You probably know that there are many different brands of contact lenses, but you may not know that there are options in material and style. Your Parrelli Optical professional can help you choose the lenses that fit your lifestyle so you get the best vision possible with the comfort and quality of life you want.

Contact Lenses Boston, MA

You can learn about:

  • • Soft contact lenses
  • • Colored contact lenses
  • • Theatrical lenses
  • • Lenses for astigmatism
  • • Multifocal contact lenses
  • • Rigid gas permeable lenses

Let us advise you on choosing the best option for your eyes.

You can also use most insurances and vision plans so you have no reason to put off looking into contacts.

Contact Lenses Can Be Right For You

It’s a myth that people with astigmatism and specialty prescriptions can’t or shouldn’t wear contact lenses; that children can’t or shouldn’t wear lenses. The truth is that any prescription for adults or children can be filled with contacts and it doesn’t matter if you are near-sighted, far-sighted, have astigmatism or need bifocals. The professionals at Parrelli Optical are experts and whether you’ve worn contact lenses in the past or have never worn them before you can have great vision with contacts.

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“I love my custom lenses and the experience I have had at Parrelli Optical.”

-Linda Crafts