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Experienced Keratoconus Eye Doctors in the Boston Area

If you have blurred vision, eye strain, and sensitivity to light you should visit a keratoconus eye doctor. Keratoconus is a disease that affects the cornea of your eye and results in thinning of the tissue. With this diagnosis it is especially important to work with a skilled optometrist who has experience with the custom fitting required. Parrelli Optical® has been providing the Boston area with some of the most trusted and experienced eye doctors for over 30 years. Our professionals have the expertise needed to fit these specialty lenses.

Parrelli Optical Eye Doctors Can Help Your Keratoconus

The eye doctors at Parrelli Optical have many years of experience engineering and developing innovative designs to restore vision and to protect the integrity of the eye for patients suffering with keratoconus.

Keratoconus Eye Doctor Boston, MA

Our keratoconus eye doctors offer you:

  • • A comprehensive eye exam
  • • New instruments and modern diagnostic testing
  • • An exacting diagnosis so you can select the best treatment plan
  • • Carefully fitted custom lenses

You can also use most insurances and vision plans so treating keratoconus is easy at Parrelli Optical.

Don’t Suffer With Keratoconus

In most cases the vision of patients with keratoconus can be corrected with rigid, gas-permeable contact lenses. Don’t ignore your vision problems because you’re intimidated about having an eye exam. Our keratoconus eye doctors will put you at ease. We believe in developing relationships with our patients, listening to their needs, and giving personalized service and recommendations.

Meet with one of the optometrists at any of our Boston area locations and see the difference that knowledgeable, friendly eye doctors make. Schedule an appointment at Parrelli Optical today!

“I am one of the unlucky few in the population who needs keratoconus lenses, but lucky for me seven years ago my brother told me to try Parrelli Optical.They are the best! Jonathan Parrelli is a perfectionist.”

-Will St. Hilaire