LIGHT ACTIVATION: Serengeti® lenses react by gradually adjusting to changing light so that your eyes stay relaxed. Darkening in bright light and lightening in over cast conditions, photochromic technology means your eyes will adapt to any light, anywhere.

DETAILED VISION: Photochromic lenses allow the eye to experience enhanced contrast and to discern shapes and colors more quickly, eliminating eye strain. These adaptable lenses are the preferred choice for drivers and pilots.

STOP GLARE: Serengeti polarized lenses eliminate glare, that intense light bouncing off horizontal surfaces like water and snow. When glare strikes these lenses react like a microscopic venetian blind, adjusting to allow just the right amount of light in.

ABSOLUTE CLARITY: Experience absolute visual clarity and unsurpassed viewing comfort. These lenses are ideal for driving and other high-glare activities.

LIGHT MANAGEMENT: Serengeti lenses are visual equalizers for your eyes, filtering light that interferes with comfortable vision.

ENHANCED VISION: By blocking the harshest short wavelengths of blue light that causes eye strain and fatigue, spectral control opens your eyes to stunning colors and clearer vision.

STARE DOWN HAZE: Serengeti lenses suppress visual noise and enhance visual signals, virtually eliminating haze.

In an environment where things change fast, Serengeti lenses help your eyes adapt even faster. See the improved vision you can achieve with Serengeti sunglasses, with your prescription or without, Parrelli Optical® in Beverly.

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