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Parrelli Optical is an excellent source for prescription safety glasses in the Somerville, MA area. If you participate in sporting events, hunting trips, home improvement projects or on-the-job construction work, you probably already know the importance of this vital safety equipment in protecting your eyes against accidental injury. The helpful and knowledgeable staff at Parrelli Optical can help you reduce the risk of eye injuries with attractive and practical prescription safety glasses designed specifically for your chosen activities.

Custom Sports Prescription Safety Glasses
in the Somerville Area

Parrelli Optical delivers a wide range of choices for athletes and sports competitors that include the following:

Prescription Safety Glasses Somerville MA

  • • Prescription swimming goggles for improved clarity underwater
  • • Baseball glasses that provide a wide frame of vision while protecting against that unexpected foul ball or line drive
  • • Biking and motorcycle goggles to keep road debris and insects away from sensitive eyes
  • • Shooting safety glasses for added clarity and protection

Nearly any sports activity can be made safer with the use of safety glasses or goggles. Parrelli Optical provides the most durable and practical prescription safety glasses to ensure optimal competitive performance in these sporting events. We offer safety glasses for children as well as adults and provide custom fittings for these important elements of sporting safety gear.

Construction-Grade Prescription Safety Glasses

Even the smallest home improvement projects can require construction-grade protection for the delicate tissue of the eye. The eye experts at Parrelli Optical can determine the right prescription for each patient and can create the ideal combination of protection and visual clarity to get any job done more effectively. Many of our prescription safety solutions are lightweight enough for everyday wear, allowing them to provide continual protection against serious eye injuries.

At Parrelli Optical, we carry top-quality RayBan, Oakley and Randolph Engineering prescription sunglasses and safety glasses to suit nearly any project or sporting activity. Our commitment to eye care starts with our comprehensive examinations and continues throughout the selection and fitting process. Parrelli Optical can provide you with the largest selection and most exceptional array of quality prescription safety glasses in the Somerville, MA area to ensure the health and safety of your eyes.