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Finding the right source for prescription contacts near Medford, MA can be a challenging undertaking. Parrelli Optical can make it simpler with the most comprehensive eye examinations and the widest selection of contact lenses in the area. We offer lenses to treat near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism and other visual impairments; we can even provide bifocal, trifocal and progressive contact lenses that work in the same way that prescription bifocal glasses do. Our extensive range of choices allows you to find exactly the right solution for your vision correction needs.

The Best Examinations for Prescription Contacts near Medford, MA

At Parrelli Optical, we believe that the best prescription contact lenses begin with the best eye examination. Toward that end, we offer our patients the most advanced eye exam techniques and procedures to determine the health of the eye as well as the appropriate prescription for vision correction. Our elite eye care services include the following:

Prescription Contacts Medford MA

  • • Complete measurement of your eye to determine the proper fit for contact lenses
  • • Evaluation of all structures located in the eye to detect any anomalies or causes for concern
  • • Evaluation of corneal and retinal condition
  • • Advanced refraction methods that provide precise information on the appropriate settings for individual vision correction needs
  • • Screenings for cataracts, glaucoma and precursors to these ailments
  • • Visual field examinations

Parrelli Optical provides these state-of-the-art examinations to ensure the health of your eye as well as the clarity of your vision.

Your Source for Prescription Contacts near Medford, MA

At Parrelli Optical, we combine the most comprehensive eye examinations with the widest selection of quality contact lenses to ensure the right fit for your eyes. We offer tinted and colored contacts to enhance or change the natural color of your eyes and provide an array of soft, hybrid and gas permeable contact lenses to suit your particular needs. We take pride in finding the right solution for your vision correction needs.

Whether you need daily wear contact lenses that offer exceptional comfort or gas permeable contacts to protect damaged corneal tissue, Parrelli Optical can provide you with the most suitable and comfortable prescription contacts near Medford, MA.