In Japanese, SHO can be interpreted to mean “Precise” or “Craftsmanship”, which is what we strive to create and develop in our eyewear. The collection takes on characteristics that are modern, minimal and clean, with a touch of subtle color and detail that complement fundamental design.



SHO EYEWORKS derives its name and inspiration from the word shokunin. As the shokunin, or Japanese artisans, utilize their honed technical skills for the benefit of society, SHO EYEWORKS applies their expertise and experience to develop quality eyewear. The social obligation to better society, a principal belief of the shokunin, inspires us at SHO EYEWORKS to ensure each of its products improves both the quality and lifestyle of each wearer.



We combine classic and modern styles, implementing clean and subtle detail and color. We deliver simple function for easy comfort and adjustability, while placing a premium on quality utilizing high-level techniques and leading edge technology.

Intelligent Design: minimalist, screw-less, customizable, technical & precise, and elegant-simplicity. Comfort-fit Design: Pure & Light (Titanium & TMI Materials).

Our goal as an independent eyewear company is to create and distribute collections that balance progressive design innovation, functionality through quality, and practicality of value.

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