Impact resistance and impact absorption.
A sports frame must protect your eyes from impact. But, it must also absorb that impact so that it doesn’t harm your face. Bolle® Sport Protective Eyewear is created with a revolutionary manufacturing process allows two different plastics to be permanently bonded: a hard material for impact resistance and very soft material for impact absorption. This new process does not use chemical bonding agents, greatly reducing the risk of allergic reactions and avoiding the possibility of heat-induced separation of components. This process also offers a very high level of durability.

Certified Protective
Our sport protective eyewear complies with standards that are dramatically different from lifestyle eyewear. Safety is our number one concern. All Bollé Sport Protective eyewear complies with ANSI Z87.1-2010 including the prescription models.

Our standards guaranty optical precision, impact resistance on frames equipped with prescription and protective lenses. We also offer anti fog and anti scratch coating, UVA and UVB filtering, and side protection.

Protect your precious sight with stylist and comfortable Bolle Sports Eyewear
from Parrelli Optical® in Beverly and North Andover.

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