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Choose Parrelli Optical if you are looking for prescription contacts in or around Cambridge, MA. With more extensive exams and a wider variety of products to choose from, it is easy to see why so many people recommend Parrelli Optical to their friends and family.

At Parrelli Optical, we provide one of the most comprehensive exams available. Our trained doctors screen each person’s eyes for several serious problems. While some companies may not provide contacts for people with certain eye conditions, we pride ourselves in not only providing lenses to such individuals but also ensuring a perfect fit. Our company uses the latest technology to do this, which enables us to prescribe contacts to people with astigmatism, bifocals, nearsightedness, farsightedness and a variety of other conditions.

Brands Of Prescription Contacts In Cambridge, MA

With thousands of types of contacts available, Parrelli is able to provide our customers with nearly any contacts they want. We also offer free trials in cooperation with certain companies that provide these options. Our goal is to help each person find the right brand and type of contacts to fit his or her unique needs and desires.

Prescription Contacts Cambridge MA

With the right brand and type of contacts, every person can enjoy sharper peripheral vision and the feeling of regaining good sight naturally. While glasses may be right for some people, those who desire contacts but are not sure whether to try them will be in good hands at Parrelli Optical. Whether customers have worn glasses or not, we make the transition to using contacts easy. These are just a few reasons to trust Parrelli:

  • • We have over four decades of experience in optometry
  • • Our doctors are carefully screened, well trained and are very knowledgeable
  • • We not only provide contacts but also teach our customers proper use and care
  • • Our doctors perform lifestyle evaluations to ensure the best contact choices

To learn why Parrelli Optical is one of the best providers of prescription contacts in Cambridge, MA, call or visit us today!